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Design your next ESG initiatives in just 30 days

Engage people in the company, enhance trust and awareness, and get the next steps to concretize your activities in a sustainable manner

The Solution adopted by Sustainability Managers of Corporates and SMEs
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About us


Sensitizing the company, integrating sustainability into the business, and achieving your ESG goals is a slow and complicated process

You may encounter confusion, misalignment, and resistance

Adherence, support, and effectiveness of activities decrease

You remain at the strategic level without being able to progress further

ESG Boost Path

Accelerate the process with the ESG Boost Path

A pragmatic 3-step journey based on workshops and tools for understanding, engagement,
and activation (culminating in a practical final plan)

Workshop 1

Uncover people's actual perceptions and enhance alignment on the company's sustainable potential and priorities

Generate awareness and engagement around the company's ESG strategy and objectives

Sustainable Wheel


Workshop 2

Identify and rank the key stakeholders of your business to create or manage relationships effectively

Strengthen your reputation and lay the groundwork for building a truly synergistic system

Stakeholder Map

Workshop 3

Design new business ideas or internal ESG activities ready for implementation

Prioritization and guidance to transition initiatives into action. 30 days from design to workshop delivery.

Sustainable Business Model


The impact on companies that have implemented sustainability strategy with Be Boost

“Professionalism, expertise, and innovation were the key elements we sought to advance a challenging and ambitious project. At Be-Boost, we found these qualities in perfect harmony, driving a significant transformation at BCC ROMA. This has inspired a dynamic new approach to business, emphasized the unique value of each individual, and contributed to a forward-thinking vision of banking, society, and the future.”

Mariangela Semeraro

Responsabile Sostenibilità e Progetti Speciali


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