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Gain a Competitive advantage with ESG Scenario

What is for 

The ESG Scenario is essential for companies looking to analyze the surrounding market through an ESG lens.


It provides a detailed overview of the current state of sustainability, enabling companies to fully understand what is happening in the external environment and identify opportunities for sustainable competitive advantage.


The ESG Scenario is the first step in choosing concrete and sustainable objectives, aligned with the market and strategic choices, to ensure effective and lasting positioning in the evolving business landscape.

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Global Contextualization

Conduct an external ESG analysis to obtain a detailed overview of global trends and challenges related to environmental, social, and governance sustainability. Understand the broader context in which you operate and make informed strategic decisions.

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Strategic Positioning

Identify emerging sectors and market opportunities aligned with sustainable trends. This allows you to adapt and create your strategies, positioning yourself competitively to maximize business opportunities.





Identify emerging opportunities in the ESG market to position yourself competitively.

Analyze the external ESG scenario. Identify trends, innovations, challenges, and possibilities in the current ESG landscape.

Start your Journey.

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