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The wheel for your
Sustainability Journey.

What is for 

With Sustainable Wheel, your company not only defines but truly lives a shared sustainable vision. A common goal that brings together teams and sectors, guiding every decision towards a positive impact.

Shared Vision

Sustainability starts with a shared vision. Our Sustainable Wheel helps you define and share a clear and engaging vision for your sustainable future.

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Sustainability requires contributions from everyone. With our Sustainable Wheel, involve people from all functional areas for a richer perspective and more effective solutions.

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Clear Communication

Clear communication is essential for turning goals into action. Our tool helps you effectively communicate your initiatives and engage your team

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Share the initiatives
that your organization
currently implements.



Rate your performance
on the proposed ESG
topics from 1 to 5.


Define where do
you want to be in
the next 3 years.

Start your Journey.

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