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Interviewing Your Stakeholders on ESG Topics to Gather Needs, Opinions, and Suggestions.

What is for 

This tool is designed to facilitate direct engagement with stakeholders on Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) issues.


Through structured interviews, it aims to capture detailed stakeholder insights on their needs, opinions, and suggestions. The process ensures deep and informed collaboration, fostering a transparent relationship and reinforcing mutual commitment to sustainability goals.

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Active Stakeholder Engagement:

Actively involve your stakeholders in the decision-making process, ensuring deeper and more informed collaboration. Obtain detailed and in-depth information on stakeholders' priorities, opinions, and expectations regarding ESG topics.

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Transparent and Direct Relationship:

Establish a transparent and direct relationship with stakeholders, enabling open and honest communication. The interview fosters mutual trust and facilitates the sharing of crucial information.





Analyze Responses in Detail: Analyze the responses to gain a thorough understanding of stakeholders' perspectives and priorities.


Reinforce Collaboration and Engagement: Transparently communicate the analysis findings to your stakeholders, demonstrating your commitment to sustainability

Interview Your Stakeholders: Contact your stakeholders by phone or invite them to an in-person event and conduct the interview.

Start your Journey.

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