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Develop a value proposition that aligns customer needs with ESG requirements.

What is for 

Value Creation supports companies in identifying the most effective value proposition to meet the needs of their customers and the surrounding ESG landscape.

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External Awareness

Precisely define ESG gains and customer needs to create relevant and effective value propositions.

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Strategic Convergence

Align company objectives with customer expectations and environmental and social challenges.





Describe Value Creation: Explain how your service creates value for the customer and addresses ESG issues. Identify how it meets their pain points and outline the actions you will take.


Identify Customer Gains and Pain Points: Determine the gains and pain points of customers and describe the actions and tasks they need to perform.

Value Creation

Generate distinctive competitive advantages by effectively combining ESG gains and customer benefits.


Insert ESG Topics: Place relevant ESG topics and their respective gains and pain points within the ESG triangle.


Define a Value Proposition: Develop a value proposition that aligns customer needs as closely as possible with ESG requirements.

Start your Journey.

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